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Eastern Express is located in the central New Jersey Princeton area. Eastern Express is both a member club of USA Swimming providing a year-round competitive swim team, and a licensed SwimAmerica program providing a learn to swim program designed to teach all the swim skills your child needs to be safe in and around the water for a lifetime. New swimmers to Express are evaluated and placed into the appropriate training group given their prior experience and current skill level. Swimmers whose skills are not yet strong enough for the competitive team may start in the lessons program, Express SwimAmerica, and then move onto the team at a later date. Team size is limited.

Information describing the SwimAmerica lessons program can be accessed by clicking below on a topic of interest. For more information describing the year-round competitive swim team provided by Eastern Express, click here.



Spring 2020 Swim America Information


Eastern Express SwimAmerica Spring 2020 Session

Program Begins March 28th and 29th

Registration Now OPEN!!!!!!!

Greetings SwimAmerica Families,

We hope you are doing well and are looking forward to the return of Express SwimAmerica.
Attached please find registration information for the upcoming 2020 Spring Session.  

The program will run from March 28th to May 31st with package options once again available.  

As a reminder, attendance is not limited to a specific day each week.  
You are welcome to attend either Saturday or Sunday or both depending upon your schedule and availability.

All swimmers will return to the same level where they left off for skill refreshment and evaluation.



Registration forms and a check (made out to: Express SwimAmerica) must be brought to your child's first lesson.   

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Coach Tiny
Express SwimAmerica 



March 28-29, April 4-5, April 18-19, April 25-26, May 2-3, May 9-10, May 16-17, May 30-31 


Express SwimAmerica, LLC is a “Learn-to-Swim” Program for children ages 3 and above. The SwimAmerica model follows a progressive 10-level structure, within which swimmers are taught everything from blowing bubbles to butterfly breathing patterns. This trademarked step-by-step method enables even the youngest and most novice swimmers to BE SAFE and HAVE FUN in the water.


TCNJ Aquatic Center in Packer Hall.





Please make checks payable to: Express SwimAmerica, LLC




Spring 2020 Swim America Information

Welcome to Express SwimAmerica for the 2020 Spring season! We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday March 28th at TCNJ for our first day of lessons.

We will be holding ALL Lessons at TCNJ Aquatic Center in Packer Hall. Please see calendars for exact dates and details.

The Express SwimAmerica lesson program has changed two-fold this fall.

First, all lessons for Levels 1-5 will be held in the pool at the same time (35 minute class), then a 5-Minute Break, followed by lessons for Levels 6-9 (45 minute class).

Second, you have the ultimate flexibility when it comes to attending and paying for lessons. Review your calendar of options and pick a plan that works best for your family.

EEX SwimAmerica will run TO BE ANNOUNCED. During that time, we will be offering 9 Saturday lessons and 9 Sunday lessons. Your child may attend any lesson on any day / date we offer class, just make sure to check the time-slot for your swimmer’s Level.



Registration Information


Questions or introductions?  Please don't hesitate to e-mail us at:

Registration Forms

Please make checks payable to: Express SwimAmerica, LLC



2020 Swim America Registration Forms

2020 Spring Level 1 - 5 - Registration Forms

2020 Spring Level 6 - 9 - Registration Forms


2020 Winter Pre-Team Registration Forms (January 8 - March 30)

2020 Winter Pre-Team - Calendar - Red Group

2020 Winter Pre-Team - Calendar - Blue Group


Questions or introductions?  Please don't hesitate to e-mail me at:




Spring 2020 Swim America Registration

Spring 2020


Levels 1 - 5

Saturday: 4:05 - 4:40 pm

Sunday: 11:05 - 11:40 am


Level 6 - 9

Saturday: 4:45 - 5:30 pm

Sunday: 11:45 am - 12:30 pm



March: 28, 29

April: 4, 5, 18, 19, 25, 26

May: 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 30, 31







Swim America Information



About SwimAmerica

SwimAmerica is a national program which was developed by competitive swimming coaches and successful swim school directors over 10 years ago. SwimAmerica is the only swim program endorsed by the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), the most prestigious coaches association in the world. With SwimAmerica water safety comes first! SwimAmerica lessons are designed to teach all the swim skills your child needs to be safe in and around the water for a lifetime. Although SwimAmerica operates at over 900 sites across the United States, Express SwimAmerica is one of only three licensed SwimAmerica programs in New Jersey.

Key features of the Express SwimAmerica program include:

  • Coach to swimmer ratios of 1 to 5 or better
  • Coaches are gentle, caring and understanding of children
  • Program emphasizes excellent swimming technique
  • All coaches are trained and certified by Program Director, Mike Rendazzo

Station Skills and Goals

SwimAmerica is station-based program with 10 different stations offering instruction for children of all levels. At Express SwimAmerica, we begin at age 3 - as long as your child is potty trained. As the skills of each station are mastered, your child is rewarded and moved to the next station within the progression. This effective step by step method allows even the youngest swimmers to learn to swim SAFELY, while offering stronger swimmers the opportunity to develop all of the competitive strokes.

The following is a brief summary of each station's skills and goals:

Station 1


  • 10 bobs in a rhythmic fashion


  • Water adaptation and movement
  • Blowing bubbles underwater
  • Looking underwater
  • Bobbing and blowing in a continuous rhythmic fashion

Note : Good breathing is the KEY to good swimming. If you do not breathe properly then you will not swim well, and you will tire more quickly. We spend alot of time working on bobs and breathing properly at all SwimAmerica stations.

Station 2


  • Floating comfortably on your front and back for 5 seconds each
  • Pushing off with a good streamline on your front and gliding on your back

Skills :

  • Increased comfort and relaxation in the water - establish good body position
  • Floating with help and then independently on front and back
  • Pushing off in a horizontal position front and back
  • Streamlining

Station 3


  • Good, fast flutter kicking on your front and back (5 yards minimum)
  • Breathing while kicking on your front without dog-paddle


  • Flutter kicking on front and back with help, then independently
  • Kicking with floatation devices -- kickboards, noodles, bricks, etc.
  • Dolphin dives/butterfly kicking

Station 4


  • Flutter kicking on your side and breathing to the side (side glide kick) minimum 20 feet
  • Swimming the freestyle with “big arms” and head still minimum 20 feet


  • Balancing on your side while flutter kicking
  • Head rotation for breathing to the side - with a full air exchange
  • Good body/head alignment
  • Development of “big arms” while swimming freestyle
  • Development of “feel” for the water via sculling and drills

Station 5


  • Freestyle with good breathing and good backstroke for a minimum of 30 feet


  • Continuation of good body/head alignment in freestyle and backstroke
  • Timing of breathing within the freestyle stroke without interruption of rhythm
  • Backstroke arm movement with good rotation
  • Freestyle arm movement with good rotation

Station 6


  • Extended freestyle and backstroke swimming (full laps of 25 yard pool) with good technique
  • Ability to jump in and tread water for a minimum of 1 minute


  • Increased endurance for both freestyle and backstroke
  • Continued refinement of freestyle and backstroke technique
  • Diving
  • Treading water/sculling.

Station 7


  • Swim 50 yards freestyle with good technique
  • Swim 25 yards good backstroke
  • Kick breastroke in a streamline with good technique for at least 20 feet

Skills :

  • Development of breastroke kick
  • Development of full stroke breastroke
  • Introduction of butterfly arms and full stroke butterfly
  • Continuation of stroke refinement for freestyle and backstroke
  • Improved endurance in all strokes

Station 8


  • Swim 100 yards freestyle with good technique using bilateral breathing and flip turns
  • Swim 25 yards good breastroke
  • Swim 25 yards good butterfly


  • Refinement of technique for all four competitive strokes
  • Bilateral breathing (alternate side breathing in freestyle)
  • Increased endurance in all strokes
  • Development of open turns and flip turns

Station 9


  • Swim 200 yards freestyle with bilateral breathing
  • Swim 25 yards butterfly, 50 yards breastroke, 50 yards elementary backstroke, and 50 yards sidestroke


  • Continued refinement of all four competitive strokes
  • Development of sidestroke
  • Development of elementary backstroke
  • Increased endurance in all strokes

Station 10 - Pre-Team


  • Swim 300 yards freestyle, 100 yards backstroke, and 100 yards individual medley


  • Extended swimming and technique refinement in all strokes and turns

Practice Facilities

SwimAmerica classes are held at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) Aquatic Center in Ewing, NJ. The Aquatic Center is located in the center of the TCNJ campus, and houses an eight-lane pool with a movable bulkhead that can be set at twenty-five yards, twenty-five meters, or thirty meters for water polo. A separate adjoining diving area includes two three-meter and two one-meter diving boards. The diving tank area provides additional pool space for swimming instruction, and facilitates close instructor-swimmer interaction.

Driving directions and an aerial view of the facility can be obtained from the links in the table below. The College of New Jersey campus is located just minutes off of Interstate 95.

Swimmers should plan to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of each class.

Registration Form

Registration Forms


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