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Eastern Express Swimming, Princeton, NJ
A member club of USA Swimming and licensed SwimAmerica program

New Jersey Swimming


All Eastern Express parents and swimmers are encouraged to email digital or scanned photos of team events to the Web Manager for posting on the website. In addition, if you have newspaper articles or regular paper backed photos, these can be scanned, posted on the website, and then quickly returned.


2015 Long Course


2014-2015 Short Course

2009 SC


2013 Long Course

2012-13- Short Course

photos 2012-13

2011- 2012 Short Course

2010-2011 Short Course

2009 SC


2010 Long Course

2009-2010 Short Course



2009 Long Course

2008-2009 Short Course

2009 SC

2008 Long Course


2007-2008 Short Course

2007 Long Course

2006-2007 Short Course

2006 Long Course

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