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Eastern Express Swimming, Princeton, NJ
A member club of USA Swimming and licensed SwimAmerica program

New Jersey Swimming


EEX Swimming

2018 - 2019 Short Course Meet Results

SJAC Dual in the Pool

Ghosts and Goblins

EEX Fall Shoot-out

EEX Mercer County Throwdown

Paul Criscuolo Invitational (Neptune Meet)

Holiday Classic

Tiger Meet

Speedo Winter Invitational

Junior/Senior State Championships

EEX February Splash

12 & Under Silver/Bronze Championships

Spring Club Championships

14 and Under Junior Olympics

Ithica Sectional Championships




EEX Swimming

2018 Long Course Meet Results

Tiger Meet

Miles, Middies, Minis Meet

Summer Solstice - Orlando Meet

Meet of X-Cellence (X-Cel Meet)

Summer Sizzle


Berkley Long Course Championships

Summer Send-off

Junior Olympics

Buffalo Sectionals

EEX Swimming

2017 - 2018 Short Course Meet Results

SJAC Dual in the Pool

X-Cel Fall Festival

Ghosts and Goblins

Fall Shootout

Mercer County Throw-down

Paul Criscuolo Invitational

Holiday Classic

CeraVe Invitational

Tiger Meet


SJAC Last Chance Meet

10 and Under Junior Olympics

Brother to the Other Meet

11 - 14 Junior Olympics

Spring Club Championships Meet

Sectional Championship Meet - Ithica, NY

Zones Championship Meet - Webster, NY






EEX Swimming

2017 Long Course Meet Results

Tiger Meet

Miles, Middies, Minis

MMM 1650

Bring the Heat Meet

NBAC Summer Championships

Meet of X-Cellence

Summer Sizzle


BAC Summer Championships

EEX Summer Send-Off

Junior Olympics

Sectionals (Senior Zone Championships)

Eastern Zones Age Group Championships




EEX Swimming

2016 - 2017 Short Course Meet Results

Neptune Meet

SJAC Dual in the Pool Meet

Ghosts and Goblins

EEX Fall Shootout

EEX 5th Annual Masters Meet

SJAC Pentathlon

EEX Mercer County Throwdown

EEX Holiday Classic

Cerave Invitational

Tiger Aquatics Invitational

Peddie Dual Meet

Junior State (14 and Under) Championships

SJAC Last Chance Meet

12 and Under Silver Bronze

13 and Over Silver Bronze

Senior Championships

The Other Meet

Junior Olympics


Sectional Women's Relays

Sectional Men's Relays


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